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DCS: Virtual Receiver SG-SYSTEM III


The Sur-Gard System III is a robust, 24-line virtual receiver* that can be expanded to accommodate 24 mix-and-match line cards (SG-DRL3 or SG-DRL3-IP). It resides in two 19-inch rack-mount cages and is configured for auto-switching redundancy. To aid in the identification of incoming calls is patented ANI and DNIS reception. ANI reception enables System III to identify the calling control panel; DNIS reception uses a numeric identifier programmed into System III line cards to identify and remember the profile (receiver type) of incoming calls. Once this information is known, patented Automatic Handshake Selection (AHS) technology instantaneously remembers the required handshake of the incoming control panel, eliminating the need for a handshake roll to be executed. This significantly decreases the online time of central monitoring stations, helping to save money on staffing and phone bills, and ensures that line cards are available to attend to incoming calls. And because more line cards are available, not as many are needed to manage caller demand.

  • The industry’s fastest response time
  • with patented Automatic Handshake
  • SelectionTM (AHS).
  • Saves on phone costs and optimizes
  • line card availability.
  • Two 19-inch rack-mount cages are configured
  • for auto-switching redundancy and provide
  • double-safe back-up, zero downtime
  • UL/ULC approval.
  • Secure, supervised Internet/network
  • monitoring with same receiver.
  • Mix-and-match 24 SG-DRL3 and
  • SG-DRL3-IP line cards.*


The 24-line System III virtual receiver is separated between two 19-inch rack-mount cabinets. This allows for automatic switching redundancy of all internal components in the event of failure—if the primary CPM stops working, the secondary unit would instantaneously take over all duties until the problem is solved. The benefits of system integration include increased account volume and signal processing capabilities. System III can be configured to run one or a maximum of 24 line cards. A combination of phone line cards and network line cards can be used to create one integrated monitoring solution. A unique feature of the System III is an automation output over TCP/IP using a RS-232 serial output as a back-up. Click here to read more>>

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