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The service & receivers available to you from CSM include: 

  • DSC SurGard III Receiver / Cell and T-Link IP ready
  • Bosch 6600 Digital Receiver IP ready
  • Firelite IP Reciever
  • DMP SCS-1R IP ready
  • AES Multinet 7705I Internet Radio Receiver
  • Connect24 Master Reseller
  • Alarmnet Monitoring Services
  • Alarm Monitoring of All Major Formats
  • MAStermind Monitoring
  • MASweb Remote Administration
  • Elevator & Emergency Telephone Monitoring
  • Video Verification using GE ProSeries DVR format 
  • Answering Service

We work closely with distributors to ensure up-to-date products and manufacturer compliance.

Arlenco Distribution | Tri-Ed Distribution | ADI Distribution

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