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$30 Switch Kit

$30.00 Credit Per Account!

For New Dealers with Active Accounts to Move

 $30.00 per account will be credited to you for all accounts moved within 90 days. The credited account must stay active for 1 year from the date of the initial 90 days.

The service & receivers available to you from CSM include: 

  • DSC SurGard III Receiver / Cell and T-Link IP ready
  • Bosch 6600 Digital Receiver IP ready
  • Firelite IP Reciever
  • DMP SCS-1R IP ready
  • AES Multinet 7705I Internet Radio Receiver
  • Connect24 Master Reseller
  • Alarmnet Monitoring Services
  • Alarm Monitoring of All Major Formats
  • MAStermind Monitoring
  • MASweb Remote Administration
  • Elevator & Emergency Telephone Monitoring
  • Video Verification using GE ProSeries DVR format 
  • Answering Service

MASweb Remote Administration

 When you use our MASweb or MobileLink remote administration, you have the ability to access the information in our database on your clients from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world. You can view alarm event history, dispatch incident information, customer contact lists, zone information, special instructions, passcodes, and much more.

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